Chariot (Tarot Card_Chariot (The Chariot, VII))

The chariot is a card that represents the overcoming of obstacles and victory.

Interpretation of cards
This card depicts the chariot of the king overcoming obstacles and achieving victory. The victor on the card stands on the chariot with a powerful posture, demonstrating his great achievements in the world. Two lions, one black and one white, pulling the chariot, are always ready to move on.
This card is a symbol of the strong, and it is closely related to strength, which means success through persistence. "Never Give Up" is the theme of this card. No matter how difficult and dangerous the future is, you must continue to walk on, and at the same time, you will control the destiny of yourself and the things around you. The victor on the chariot symbolizes the human soul, and controls the two lions to symbolize human will and instinct, traveling through time.

The Tarot Chariot (The Chariot, VII) represents instinct and will. The balance between the two is the basis for achieving the goal. Otherwise, it may lead to destruction.
Brand Name: Chariot The Chariot
Key words: Will, self-discipline, victory, journey, victory, emptiness
Astrology: Cancer
Four essential elements: water
Meaning: success, change, balance.
: Lively, ambitious, have command power, set off, advance to win, quick fight and quick decision, brilliant results, pioneering spirit, defeating opponents, winner of love, passionate love.
: Cowardice, strong enemies, frustration, loss of fighting spirit, impatient failure, lack of funds, disinterest, rejection, loss of trust in the other party, and avoidance of love.
Overview: Part of the chariot is parked in the water, and part is parked on the land. There are two sphinxes in front of the samurai, one black and one white, which exactly correspond to the pillars on the Papal card. The Sphinx represents the opposing forces in his life. These forces require him to use his willpower to control. If he does not exercise his will, the two Sphinxes will move in opposite directions, and The chariot will also be torn in half. He can walk into the water, land, or into the world of emotion and reality. If he can control these two beasts, he can control his instinctive desires. The chariot represents Cancer. One of Cancer’s tasks is to learn to use reason to control or exercise emotions.

If you pull out the chariot license plate, it means that your card is full of masculinity. Its brilliance is like the noon sun, hot and dazzling, full of ambition and action, and you are eager to try any challenge. Its energy is not like a stupid and impulsive brat who burns it wantonly and hurts itself. It can control its own ability and use it to the limitless possibilities.
If you feel that you are always lazy recently and lack the power to act, you can bring it by your side to infect its energy; you'd better shuffle your cards with a spirited and happy mood on a sunny holiday. Not only can it supplement its energy, but it can also enhance your energy.
It is good at analyzing and judging affairs. In any expansion method, pay special attention to the information given to you by the signs and countermeasures.
Orthographic interpretation
Work hard to achieve success, victory, overcome obstacles, mobility, independence, experimentation, self-assertion, young man, transportation, travel luck. Demonstrated talents in his career and is effective in doing things. Confident and sensible you will make customers more confident and willing to cooperate with you. Emotionally, you are trying to control your emotions, and you control them well, which makes your relationship develop more smoothly.
Inverse interpretation
Arguments failed, disputes occurred, blocked, violated the rules, resorted to violence, stubborn men, sudden failures, bad teenagers, frustrations and selfishness. Give up what you have insisted on in your career, and the ending will be more perfect. Feeling lost, you no longer have the calmness of the past, which makes the other person feel mistrust in your heart. Maybe you have to reflect on what you are doing.


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