——Fair (corresponding astrology: Libra)

Interpretation of the cards:
The face of the card depicts the cruel and fair Goddess of Justice sitting on a stone chair, holding a sword of justice in his right hand and a scale for distinguishing good from evil in his left. With these two sacred objects, the goddess can easily understand the ins and outs of things and the future development, allowing her to easily face everything in front of her. At the same time, it also lets the world know the principle of causality and warns people to be tolerant, obey morals, and uphold justice.
The explanation of this card focuses on "morality" and "balance". As long as you have these two points, you will grasp the key to the matter.

Orthogonal interpretation:
Fairness, neutrality, honesty, open-mindedness, the same outside and inside, dual roles, pursuit of rationalization, coordinator, law-related, open and honest communication, and emotional harmony. In your career, you won't have too many other feelings, just follow the previous plan seriously. You are quite satisfied with your romantic life, and the other person accepts your choices.

Inverse interpretation:
Imbalance, prejudice, turbulence, litigation, arbitrariness, guilty conscience, incompetence, inconsistency, disagreement between men and women, emotional twists and turns, love affair that ignores social morality. Prolonged depression caused you to fall at the most critical moment of your career, and you need to be carefully repaired before you can move forward again. Emotionally you have been tolerant, but this time you broke out and started to blame the other party. Your relationship will have a lot of twists and turns.


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