——Combination (corresponding astrology: Gemini)

Interpretation of the cards:
This is the best card explaining love in the Tarot cards, representing the puberty of this life. A couple of men and women on the card came together under the call of an angel and became lovers. Although the sun is shining and full of happiness, there are many tests waiting for the lovers behind them-the tree of hope and the tree of forbidden fruit entrenched by venomous snakes.
Couples in love can assist and support each other, and romance has become the theme of this good time. But people in love must face emotional choices, that is, choose one of the many opposite sexes as a partner, so love is both beautiful and cruel. When solving the cards, we must pay attention to the "choice" behind the "combination", that is, there must be some trade-offs.

Orthogonal interpretation:
Matchmaking, love, fashion, interest, hopeful future, charm, increase friends. Emotions and physical desires for love, it implies that love affair will develop in a more intimate relationship with each other. You will face major choices in your career, and it will affect your future.

Inverse interpretation:
Can not withstand temptation, excessive indulgence, repetitiveness, friendship fades, boredom, quarrels, gorgeous dress, indecision. Be naive emotionally. Although he has expectations and hopes for growth, he hopes to avoid danger and responsibilities forever. I always maintain a high level of vigilance in my career, which makes people feel very uncomfortable and unwilling to cooperate with you.

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