-Will (corresponding astrology: Leo)

Interpretation of the cards:
In this card, the goddess of victory is bending over and stroking a fierce lion, and uses her tenderness and love to comfort the lion that represents fear in her arms. It is a symbol of love and strong will. It is precisely because of love and will that mankind can overcome difficulties and move forward in the long river of history. The lion represents human instinct, while the beauty symbolizes love and obedience. The two must maintain harmony and support each other to become a force to conquer the world. In addition, it also means that you have the ability to solve the difficult situation you are facing right now and have confidence in your inner strength.
Attention should be paid to "hardness and softness" when solving cards. Human instinct is fearful and needs reason to control and comfort; but not to lose the motivation of instinct, reason should give encouragement. It can be seen that "balance" is the most important in the interpretation of tarot cards.

Orthogonal interpretation: 
bold actions, courageous decisions, new developments, big opportunities, changes, strong women who overcome difficulties with willpower.
In your career, you continue to break through yourself, your bosses and customers have full confidence in you, and achievements follow one after another. In love, you will develop a truly intimate relationship. You will be wholehearted and talk to each other without any sense of distance.
Rebellious interpretation: 
timid, lose to the strong, can not withstand temptation, succumb to authority and common sense, give up without practice, vanity, cowardice, impatience. The fear in your heart makes you daunted, and then you encounter the bottleneck of your career and feel that you have lost your self-confidence. Suffering from gains and losses in love, losing sober judgment.

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