Star coin【25】

Star coin【25】

Star 1: 

An important news, or a precious gift.

Star 2: 

In love, but will be opposed by friends.

Star 3: 

Quarrels, lawsuits, or family disputes.

Star 4: 

Unfortunately or secret betrayal, from disloyal friends, or because you have neglected each other for a long time.

Star 5: 

Unexpected news may bring success in business, fulfillment of wishes, or a happy marriage.

Star 6: 

Marriage early, but it will end early, and there is no good sign for the second marriage.

Star 7: 

Lies, rumors, malicious criticisms, gamblers with bad luck.

Star 8: 

Marriage in later years, perhaps a trip, may bring the combination of the two.

Star 9: 

Have a strong desire to travel, a hobby of adventure, and eager to see a change in life.

Star 10: 

Take money as the goal of the action, but it doesn't necessarily get what you want.

Star Servant: 

A selfish, jealous relative, or a messenger who brings bad news.

Star Knight: 

A patient and persevering man, inventor or scientist.

Star Queen: 

A coquettish woman who is willing to interfere in other people's affairs, slander and rumors.

Star King: 

A rough-tempered man, stubborn and full of revenge, confronting him will invite danger.

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