Sword 1: 

Misfortune, bad news, news of death, full of jealous emotions.

Sword 2: 

Change, migration, loss of family, separation.

Treasure Sword 3: 

The misfortune of a trip, love or marriage.

Sword 4: 

Illness, financial difficulties, jealousy, all kinds of small disasters will delay the work in hand.

Baojian 5: 

Successful business, harmonious and harmonious partnership, but need to overcome difficulties. Beware of bad temper and discouragement.

Sword 6: 

Only perseverance can help you complete the plan.

Baojian 7: 
Arguing with friends, causing a lot of trouble.

Baojian 8: 

Be cautious in all your careers, those who seem to be friends may become your enemies.

Sword 9: 

Generally considered to be the most unlucky of all cards, it may indicate disease, disaster and various misfortunes.

Sword 10: 

Another unfortunate card, grief or imprisonment, negates all good omen.

Servant of the Sword:

 A lazy or jealous person, an obstacle in his career, perhaps a liar, or even a commercial spy.

Sword Knight: 

A legendary hero who likes luxury and indulgence, but is very brave and full of entrepreneurial spirit.

Queen of the Sword: 

treacherous, unfaithful, vicious, a widow or an abandoned person.

King of Swords: 

An ambitious and delusional person.

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