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Tarot Divination Instructions

Tarot Divination Instructions

Operating procedures

1. Choose time: 
As long as you are in a good state of mind, any time is fine.

2. Choose a place: 
You can choose a quiet place to help you focus. Of course, as long as you can concentrate on it, any location is fine.

3. The object of divination: 
the speculator can be the person himself, or he can speculate for others. But if you speculate for yourself, because you always hope to get good results subjectively, this may affect the objectivity and accuracy of the speculation results.

4. Divination begins.

1. Shuffle:
Before each speculation, the inquirer must perform the shuffling action and mix the cards at will.
First, put the Tarot cards face down, stack them all in your hand. Concentrate, don't think about anything, follow your own will, take a drop from the middle of the deck, and place it on the top of the deck. Repeat the same action several times, the number of times depends on the will.
Next, place the cards on a flat surface (the cards face down), concentrate on spreading the cards in a circle, and start shuffling the cards in a clockwise direction with both hands. When shuffling the cards, you must recite in your mind the question you will speculate and think about the card type you will use.
Listening to your inner voice, you will feel when you can stop; at this time, gather the cards slowly (still in a clockwise manner), restore it to a stack of cards, and place them horizontally.
In addition, there are some rules of conjecture that require the person who asks to concentrate on his own will and meditate on his own questions. At this time, you only need to keep your mind free; when to stop shuffling is up to the person asking.
2. Cut cards:
After shuffling the cards, stack the cards and place them horizontally, and the asker will cut the cards. (If the questioner is the fortuneteller, the fortuneteller will cut the card.)
First of all, ask the card cutter to concentrate, pick up a pile of cards from the top of the deck according to your own will (absolutely not not), and place this pile of cards under the original deck (that is, close to the fortuneteller's). Direction), into two stacks.
Then, take another stack of cards from the top of the second stack and place it on top of the first stack (that is, away from the fortuneteller). Make three stacks of cards in front of you.
Next, the fortuneteller will stack the cards back. First pick up the first stack and place it on top of the second stack, and then put the stacked cards on top of the original third stack to restore it to a stack of cards.
Finally, turn the horizontal cards to straight (the cards are always facing downwards).
Note: If it is speculated for others, the direction of rotation of the fortuneteller is counterclockwise. If you are guessing for yourself, rotate the card 90 degrees clockwise. If you make a mistake, the meaning of the entire card will be completely reversed, so be careful.
3. Card selection: 
choose the card array according to the question that the inquirer wants to ask, and let the inquirer draw a card.

4. Card array:
According to the determined card array, the cards selected by the questioner are placed in order. In the process of placing the cards in place, each card must be maintained face down. The cards that are not selected by the questioner should also be kept straight and face down, and stacked and placed aside.
Note: The Tarot card array has undergone historical precipitation. So far, 1-7 modern card arrays are generally used, 7-40 are the original improved card arrays, and more than 40 are the original card arrays.
Tarot card arrays are generally divided into 5 types, sequence card arrays, condition card arrays, selection card arrays, mixed card arrays, and fortune card arrays
The simple classification is divided into specific card array and general use card array.
1. Time sequence card array mainly includes: Holy Triangle, Arrow of Time.
2. The status card array mainly includes four elements and four dimensions.
3.The choice type of card array mainly includes: two alternatives one card array, three alternatives card array.
4. Mixed types of card arrays mainly include: six-pointed star card array and Celtic cross card array.
5. Fortune card arrays mainly include: Sirius card array, seven-day-a-week divination card array, monthly luck card array, and annual luck card array.
The general use of the card array means that it can be used in most cases, such as the holy triangle card array
A specific card array refers to the application of speculation in a certain area such as love, marriage, money and other specialized fields.
5. Open cards: 
Open the cards in the card array one by one (don't turn the direction of the cards).

6. Interpretation:
Whether it is to speculate for yourself or for others, the fortuneteller first feels the overall feeling of the card type and what meaning it represents before solving the card; then from the explanation of each card and the context of the entire card type Do a comprehensive analysis.


1. Status: 
First of all, the most important thing is: Before using the Tarot cards, make sure that your body and mind are in a good and calm state. Deciphering the Tarot is a laborious task. You must concentrate in order to understand the meaning of the Tarot cards.

2. Tablecloth: 
A piece of enough space is needed for divination. Prepare a clean cloth and spread it on the table to prevent the cards from directly contacting the table. Black is recommended because black is the color that can gather light and energy the most in terms of science or speculation. The best material is pure cotton or yarn.

3. Time: 
Tarot card speculates that the time is not limited, and it does not have to be at night, but it should be quiet and the same problem once a day is better.

4. Location: 
Choose a secret location, preferably not in public, in order to maintain a peaceful atmosphere.

5. Object: 
The speculator can be the person himself, or he can speculate for others.

6. Shuffle: 
Before each speculation, the inquirer must perform the shuffling action and mix the cards at will. You can shuffle the cards face down and place them on the table to shuffle the cards in two hands; you can also shuffle the cards in your hand like playing bridge.
7. Taboo:
①Don't speculate on the same problem twice in a short time. The Tarot card is a tool for you to spy on a corner of your destiny. It can be said to be your partner on the journey of destiny. Therefore, you must place absolute trust in it. If it tells you that the results are not satisfactory, you should still maintain a respectful attitude. Don't have the mentality of "calculating until good results come out". Destiny is not a game of trial and error.

②Don't lose any card. A set of cards is like siblings and has its integrity. No matter which card is lost, it is a kind of damage to the card itself. Please keep it carefully to avoid unexpected situations when shuffling the cards.

③ Accidents should be avoided as much as possible. During the shuffling process, there will be the following situations: shuffled, shuffled a card suddenly turned face up; some cards are shuffled to the ground; when the cards are cut, they are placed on the wrong pile, and so on. These phenomena all show one thing-your spirit may not be focused enough. At this time, you can choose to continue shuffling or not to continue. (It is recommended to continue when you are at peace.)

④The question you want to ask must be confirmed before proceeding to the next step-"shuffle". Once you start shuffling, you can no longer replace the problem.
Star coin【25】

Star coin【25】

Star 1: 

An important news, or a precious gift.

Star 2: 

In love, but will be opposed by friends.

Star 3: 

Quarrels, lawsuits, or family disputes.

Star 4: 

Unfortunately or secret betrayal, from disloyal friends, or because you have neglected each other for a long time.

Star 5: 

Unexpected news may bring success in business, fulfillment of wishes, or a happy marriage.

Star 6: 

Marriage early, but it will end early, and there is no good sign for the second marriage.

Star 7: 

Lies, rumors, malicious criticisms, gamblers with bad luck.

Star 8: 

Marriage in later years, perhaps a trip, may bring the combination of the two.

Star 9: 

Have a strong desire to travel, a hobby of adventure, and eager to see a change in life.

Star 10: 

Take money as the goal of the action, but it doesn't necessarily get what you want.

Star Servant: 

A selfish, jealous relative, or a messenger who brings bad news.

Star Knight: 

A patient and persevering man, inventor or scientist.

Star Queen: 

A coquettish woman who is willing to interfere in other people's affairs, slander and rumors.

Star King: 

A rough-tempered man, stubborn and full of revenge, confronting him will invite danger.


Sword 1: 

Misfortune, bad news, news of death, full of jealous emotions.

Sword 2: 

Change, migration, loss of family, separation.

Treasure Sword 3: 

The misfortune of a trip, love or marriage.

Sword 4: 

Illness, financial difficulties, jealousy, all kinds of small disasters will delay the work in hand.

Baojian 5: 

Successful business, harmonious and harmonious partnership, but need to overcome difficulties. Beware of bad temper and discouragement.

Sword 6: 

Only perseverance can help you complete the plan.

Baojian 7: 
Arguing with friends, causing a lot of trouble.

Baojian 8: 

Be cautious in all your careers, those who seem to be friends may become your enemies.

Sword 9: 

Generally considered to be the most unlucky of all cards, it may indicate disease, disaster and various misfortunes.

Sword 10: 

Another unfortunate card, grief or imprisonment, negates all good omen.

Servant of the Sword:

 A lazy or jealous person, an obstacle in his career, perhaps a liar, or even a commercial spy.

Sword Knight: 

A legendary hero who likes luxury and indulgence, but is very brave and full of entrepreneurial spirit.

Queen of the Sword: 

treacherous, unfaithful, vicious, a widow or an abandoned person.

King of Swords: 

An ambitious and delusional person.


Scepter 1: 

Wealth and career success, lifelong friends and tranquil state of mind.

Scepter 2: 

Disappointment, opposition from friends and business partners.

Scepter 3:

More than one marriage. Maybe after being engaged to one person for a long time, suddenly marrying another person.

Scepter 4: 

Beware of the failure of a project. This failure may cause economic losses, or the project may abort due to lack of funds. False and unreliable friends played a destructive effect.

Scepter 5: 

Marry a rich woman.

Scepter 6: 

A profitable partnership.

Scepter 7: 

Good luck and happiness, but you should beware of someone of the opposite sex.

Scepter 8: 

Greedy, you may spend money that is not yours.

Scepter 9: 

Debate with friends, stubborn quarrel.

Scepter 10: 

Unexpected luck, a long journey, but you may also lose a close friend.


A sincere but impatient friend, kind flattery.

Scepter Knight: 

Fortunately to get help from relatives, or help from strangers.

Queen of Scepter: 

A kind and kind woman, but she loves to lose her temper.

King Scepter: 

A sincere man, generous and faithful.
Holy grail【22】

Holy grail【22】

Holy Grail One: 

The Holy Grail heralds the beginning of a new relationship and friendship. At the beginning of the relationship, love and care are always overflowing. You must know how to reciprocate generously and cherish this blessing. If the questioner has been in this relationship for a long time, and the first card of the Holy Grail appears, take a good look at the cards around and beware of signs of an affair. If the first card of the Holy Grail appears in the speculation that has nothing to do with feelings, it means that this situation needs love to resolve it patiently.

Holy Grail Two:
Holy Grail Two is often strongly associated with love. In this respect, this card is more similar to the state of first love. As shown in the picture, men and women respect each other as guests, treat each other as equals, and do not make demands. Holy Grail Two is not only limited to the emotions of men and women, it can also involve friendship and any interpersonal relationship, and this relationship is often harmonious, equal and pleasant. Therefore, if you ask about friendship, about marriage, or about cooperation, Holy Grail II will give you an answer.

Holy Grail Three:
The Holy Grail Three usually refers to a group that is connected with feelings. In addition, it also represents a kind of celebration occasion, including banquets, weddings, etc. The meaning of a good harvest usually means that things have a good result. Of course, sometimes the opposite is true.

Holy Grail Four:

 The Holy Grail Four represents a period of negativity, boredom, exhaustion, and withdrawal. The person involved lacks motivation, is indifferent to everything, and does not want to participate in social interactions. The Holy Grail IV sometimes also represents an affair and the advent of new opportunities.

Holy Grail Five: 

The Holy Grail Five represents a sad and painful situation. At the same time, it also heralds the beginning of an alternative life.

Holy Grail Six:

 In addition to representing memories of the past, homesickness, and care, Holy Grail Six also reminds the person involved to be as generous as a boy, willing to give, and let go of all hatred and unhappy emotions.

Holy Grail Seven: 

Holy Grail Seven represents the existence of impractical and dirty things. In addition, when you see the Seven of the Holy Grail, it also means that a strict and orderly system will be broken, and huge power will be released and there will be many choices.
Holy Grail Eight: 

Pleasant company and good friendship, parties and planned celebrations.

Holy Grail Nine: 

Dream and wish fulfillment, good luck and wealth.

Holy Grail Ten:

 Family happiness may be able to get unexpected success and good news.

Servant of the Holy Grail: 

A permanent close friend, perhaps a childhood friend or first love who has been separated for a long time.

Knight of the Holy Grail: 

A fake friend, a stranger and seducer from afar, should grasp the current destiny.

Queen of the Holy Grail: 

A loyal, loving woman, gentle and generous, and loving.

King of the Holy Grail: 

An honest, well-meaning man, but easy to make decisions hastily, so he is not a person to rely on, and do not expect to get helpful advice from him.



-Reached (corresponding astrological sign: Saturn)

Interpretation of the cards:
This is a card that symbolizes permanent and sustained success. You have reached the front of the door of success, the goddess of success makes you wait patiently, she will let you enter the door of success, it is only a matter of time. The door of success is surrounded by the happiness and sorrow you have experienced, success and failure, it is necessary to recall the past time before reaching the paradise. This card implies that as long as you have a grateful heart, you will surely be able to find happiness and joy in the beautiful world you have created for yourself.
The original meaning of the card is "achievement", it tells us that all things can be achieved, all dreams can become reality, and there is nothing impossible to achieve. As long as there is hard work, there will be corresponding gains.

Orthogonal interpretation:
Completion, success, perfection, continuity, enthusiasm, having a lifelong goal, fulfilling a mission, luck coming, happy ending, a model couple. Because of hard work in the career, the rewards are generous. Emotionally, you continue to have a beautiful relationship in each other's promises.
Inverse interpretation:
Incompleteness, failure, insufficient preparation, blind acceptance, unsuccessful moments, giving up halfway, spiritual decadence, saturated state, collusion, insufficient attitude, and emotional frustration. There are huge obstacles on the way to your career. You are sluggish and lose the motivation to challenge. Emotionally, you no longer value your promises, you just accept each other blindly. It's best to communicate with each other and don't let the pain continue to haunt you.



——Resurrection (corresponding astrology: Pluto)

Interpretation of the cards:
The card depicts the angel blowing the horn, so that the deceased who heard the music can be redeemed. The horn of an angel can awaken the emotions of all people, and even confessed sinners have the hope of reaching heaven. The angel's horn symbolizes that the old concept is dead, and people are embracing the new world under the call of music. Pay attention to decision and recovery when solving cards.
You are also summing up your past experience, discarding mistakes and leaving valuable knowledge. At the beginning of the new world, you will find that you are not alone. There are many friends who study with you. Although you have never lived before, the Templar Angels let you help each other, which makes your life more enjoyable.

Orthogonal interpretation:
The joy of resurrection, recovery, confession, good news, good luck, first appearance, resurrected love, reunion, miracle of love. When the cards stand upright, you have surpassed yourself in your career and succeeded on the basis of past hard work. Both parties are studying and growing emotionally. Although the changes on the surface are not big, the changes on the inside are already big.
Inverse interpretation:
Desolation, disillusionment, concealment, bad news, inability to decide, lack of goals, no progress, elimination, reluctance. Lack of clear judgment in career, trying to fill the emptiness of spirit with material. Emotionally, constantly recalling the good times in the past, and unwilling to face up to the problems in front of you, your relationship is already close.



——Life (corresponding astrology: the sun)

Interpretation of the cards:
This is the card with the best meaning in the Grand Arcana, symbolizing knowledge and vitality. In the card, a child riding a horse sang the vitality brought by the sun and received the energy that the sun gave him. The power of the sun is so powerful, it gives life to everything in the world, and its light is so warm that all life is moved by it. Its power is completely positive, full of hope and ideals, and no darkness can resist its light.
The key to solving the card lies in the "vitality". It is the force of hope and ideal, free from any external interference and internal confrontation. Even if the dark side of your heart wants to come out to interfere with you, under the light of the sun, they immediately Will disappear, so you don’t have to be bothered by some troubles.

Orthogonal interpretation:
Active, abundant vitality, full of vitality, energetic, smooth work, help from distinguished persons, happy marriage, healthy communication. There will be noble people to help you in your career, and there will be better development opportunities. In terms of feelings, you have already walked out of the bumpy road of feelings. The road ahead will be filled with singing and joy, and you will begin to plan your future life.
Inverse interpretation:
Depression, poor physical strength, lack of continuity, depression, uneasy life, poor relationships, emotional fluctuations, divorce. In the career, competition is too eager, scaring the opponents away, but it also makes the partners feel scared, maybe you should relax. There were some small changes in the relationship between the two, and they began to care about each other's attitude and their own efforts. These doubts may not be necessary.



——Uneasy (corresponding astrology: Pisces)

Interpretation of the cards:
This is a card that represents confusion, distress, and anxiety. Under the moonlight, the lobster crawled out of the water and walked towards the moon goddess. It had to choose the correct one of the two high towers in the distance, because that tower was the only way to see the moon goddess. Because the wolves and hounds on the shore were also attracted by the moon goddess, they didn't notice the lobster close at hand for the time being. The dog represents the dependence of the crayfish on the old world, and the wolf represents the fear of the crayfish.
The moon is a bridge to the spiritual world. The moon wins and the moon loses symbolizes change. When the full moon appears, people know that it is about to lose money, and their hearts feel uneasy. The bigger the moon is, the closer it is to become smaller, and to worry about the coming of misfortune when happy, so that people can't have any sense of slack.
The moon is also a symbol of femininity and emotion. In terms of career, it refers to an artistic or creative career. It also implies deception. The key to understanding this card lies in "confusion."

Orthogonal interpretation:
Uneasiness, confusion, vacillation, lies, deception, deception, turbulent love, triangle relationship. In your career, you may be a little dissatisfied, hoping to use all your inner strength, so you start to want night time. In terms of relationships, you are very sensitive and afraid of being hurt. Despite the promise of your partner, you still hesitate and even have thoughts of avoiding it.
Inverse interpretation:
Escape the scam, resolve the misunderstanding, improve the situation, anticipate the danger, wait, and face the cracks of love. In your career, you start to shrink because of external pressure, and you have doubts about your established goals. Emotionally, the problems between you are beginning to emerge. Although it is a bit painful, as long as you face the existing difficulties together, the problem will be half resolved.



——Hope (corresponding astrology: Aquarius)

Interpretation of the cards:
This is a card with hope in the depths. Under the shining of the star of hope, Sirius, the goddess of hope pours the holy water in the holy water bottle into the pool that symbolizes the subconscious. She knew that people needed hope so much, so when one bottle of holy water was poured out, she was pouring another bottle. As long as there is hope, people can have enough motivation to accomplish many things, so hope is the source of human vitality.
Let us dedicate all our love, even though it is in the dark night, the stars in the sky will guide us and lead us towards a bright future under the guidance of the stars. There is another point in the meaning of stars that is easily overlooked, which is the meaning of "pregnancy".

Orthogonal interpretation:
Bright future, full of hope, imagination, creativity, fantasy, satisfaction of wishes, improvement of standards, ideal objects, and beautiful relationships. It means that when you get the energy of hope in your career, your future will be extremely bright. In terms of relationships, you have confidence in yourself and an optimistic attitude towards the relationship between the two. Believe that you can seize the initiative and strive to pursue each other. You are probably the destined pair.
Inverse interpretation:
Frustration, disappointment, arrogance, whimsical, rushed, backfired, unsatisfactory work, pessimistic situation, secret love affairs, life lacking love. In your career, you should not rely entirely on others' giving, because you still have hope burning in your heart. Only by yourself can you have the real motivation for development. In terms of relationships, you two cannot trust each other and feel that you cannot entrust yourself to each other. Maybe you can take a step back and calm down to find a way to solve the problem, because the answer is in your hearts.