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——Combination (corresponding astrology: Gemini)

Interpretation of the cards:
This is the best card explaining love in the Tarot cards, representing the puberty of this life. A couple of men and women on the card came together under the call of an angel and became lovers. Although the sun is shining and full of happiness, there are many tests waiting for the lovers behind them-the tree of hope and the tree of forbidden fruit entrenched by venomous snakes.
Couples in love can assist and support each other, and romance has become the theme of this good time. But people in love must face emotional choices, that is, choose one of the many opposite sexes as a partner, so love is both beautiful and cruel. When solving the cards, we must pay attention to the "choice" behind the "combination", that is, there must be some trade-offs.

Orthogonal interpretation:
Matchmaking, love, fashion, interest, hopeful future, charm, increase friends. Emotions and physical desires for love, it implies that love affair will develop in a more intimate relationship with each other. You will face major choices in your career, and it will affect your future.

Inverse interpretation:
Can not withstand temptation, excessive indulgence, repetitiveness, friendship fades, boredom, quarrels, gorgeous dress, indecision. Be naive emotionally. Although he has expectations and hopes for growth, he hopes to avoid danger and responsibilities forever. I always maintain a high level of vigilance in my career, which makes people feel very uncomfortable and unwilling to cooperate with you.



——Aid (corresponding astrology: Taurus)

Interpretation of the cards:
He is the supreme authority in religion and spiritual beliefs. He will always find a spiritual outlet for us. His compassion and virtue will surely instruct us not to go astray, to understand our conscience, and feel that this is true but yesterday is not. path of. Especially when you feel guilty in your heart, he is always willing to listen to your confession.
This is a card that represents the awakening of conscience and kindness. It is also a card about religious beliefs and traditions. Compared with the material master represented by the emperor, he tends to be more spiritual. He is a spiritual authority and an interpreter of the unknown world. Because the Pope can directly contact God, he uses compassion and insight to try to save the souls of the world, and uses his words to guide people on the right path.
The pope on the board raised his hands to spread the doctrine to the world, and the believers knelt on the ground to listen to his teachings. However, it should be noted that he is also a representative of traditional knowledge and conservative morality. He controls people's thinking and narrows their horizons. Only by completely abandoning everything out of date and exploring new solutions, there may be hope.
Orthogonal interpretation:
Aid, sympathy, magnanimity, advice given by a trusted person, good negotiation object, spiritual satisfaction, compliance with the rules, volunteers. Full of confidence, able to correctly understand the nature of things, too much external pressure at work, making you feel bound. Looking for a new method of work, although there will be great resistance, the results will prove to be worthwhile. In love, succumbing to the pressure of others, will only blindly change oneself according to the other's requirements, thinking that this is a necessary effort, but in fact it is just a forced choice. Your partner will not remain loyal to you, and it is difficult to meet the real needs of both parties.

Inverse interpretation:
Wrong message, malicious persuasion, deceived, assistance is interrupted, wish cannot be achieved, used by others, and given up. I have more flexible attitudes in my career, no longer rigidly follow the old ways, have the courage to innovate and form my own unique ideas, live and work for my true ideas. Emotionally, I begin to face up to my true feelings and practices of feelings. Although I will still listen to the opinions of the other party, I will not accept them fully. When you feel unacceptable to the other party's opinions, you will communicate with them in time to find ways to improve the relationship.


-Domination (corresponding astrology: Aries)

Interpretation of the cards:
At the top of the throne sits the supreme emperor. He wears a crown studded with gems and holds a scepter that symbolizes power and status in his hands. The experienced man has a solemn expression. Even though he is the king of a country, he still wears armor and is always ready to meet challenges for the country.
He rules the entire country and has unquestionable authority. He is the leader of the people and a symbol of male authority. However, behind his majestic appearance, he has a kind heart. He is full of enthusiasm and is willing to share his secret of success with those who ask for advice. His secret is to rely on the mind and the experience accumulated in the past hard work. Most of his advice comes from those precious experiences, just as his integrity is worthy of your trust.
But is the emperor who can dominate the country necessarily happy? Don't ignore this when solving the cards, because most of the inquirers want spiritual pleasure, even though they may not even realize it. The inner world behind the appearance of majesty is often the key.
As the prince of a country, he is also an example for his father. Otherwise, how to teach his people?
Orthogonal interpretation:
Glory, power, victory, leadership, strong will, achieving goals, father's responsibility, spiritual loneliness.

Inverse interpretation:
Childish, powerless, authoritarian, coquettish, self-willed, ordinary, lacking self-confidence, lack of mobility, weak-willed, and dominated.



——Good Harvest (corresponding horoscope: Venus)

Interpretation of the cards:
The beautiful queen sits on an elegant and comfortable chair, surrounded by dense forests, which makes people feel carefree and at ease. There is a heart beside the chair. It seems that she has given you these riches with heart. The land and the fruit, the perfect love, should be well thanked.

Orthogonal interpretation:
Happiness, success, harvest, carefree, complete family life, good environment, beauty, art, contact with nature, pleasant travel, leisure.

Inverse interpretation:
Inactive, lack of self-motivated, lax lifestyle, unsolvable things, inability to see results, commitment to pleasure, dangerous environment, and disputes with family members.
Priestess 【2】

Priestess 【2】

——Wisdom (corresponding astrology: moon)
Interpretation of the cards:
A smart person or woman may make a good decision. This holy priestess, sitting upright, with a book in her hand, proves that she is full of wisdom and rest assured that she will make the decision.

Orthogonal interpretation:
Develop the inner mysterious potential, predict that the future will change, deep thinking, keen insight, and accurate intuition.

Inverse interpretation:
Too clean, ignorant, greedy, short-sighted, too high self-esteem, biased judgment, brave and pretentious.


——Creation (corresponding astrological sign: Mercury)
Interpretation of the cards:
①The face of the card is Mercury, the messenger of the gods of Roman mythology, with a confident smile and piercing eyes. On the table of the card, there are four elements of the universe: a scepter (fire), a sword (wind), a star coin (earth), and a holy grail (water). There is an infinite symbol on the top of the magician's head, and his belt is a snake that is connected to each other. Symbol of spiritual eternity. The magician holds a scepter in his right hand and points to the sky, and his left finger points to the ground, representing the exchange of power and the gift of spirit. Roses and lilies are under the magician's feet, which represent human motives, reflect the will of God, and command heaven and earth. The rose represents birth, and the lily represents death. The magician is the first card, which also implies that you are also a magician, and you can manipulate the power of the universe.
②The white robe represents the pure heart, and the crimson cloak represents the profound meaning of the magician's activities.

Orthogonal interpretation:
The beginning of things, the change of actions, the proficient technique and skills, the implementation of my will, and the use of natural forces to achieve ambitions.

Inverse interpretation:
Weak willpower, difficult to start, go in the wrong direction, lack of knowledge, deceived and failed.

Fool (the first card of the tarot card)

Fool (the first card of the tarot card)


The Fool is one of the 78 tarot cards and one of the 22 big arcana cards. The Fool is not numbered (either number 0 or number 22). It is the beginning of all tarot cards, the end of tarot cards, and the infinite possibilities.

Basic introduction
Meaning: innocence, simplicity, possibility.
Advantages: distinctive, lucky, eclectic, pursue novel dreams, take risks, yearn for freedom, have an artistic temperament, go straight to the key, free love.
Disadvantages: conceited, stubborn, unstable, clingy, lack of responsibility, living in a dream, unrealistic, unresponsive, stagnant, erratic behavior, wrong direction, emotional instability.
Overview: Fools are full of innocence, and are innocent and fearless on the journey of life. This card tells us that in dreams, our judgment of what happens is relatively slow, but in the real world, it often reflects the possibility. The danger that occurs. Therefore, if we can have a pure heart that believes in dreams, then, in terms of spiritual freedom, we will be better than many people!
Interpretation of cards
The Fool wore colorful clothes, ignoring the cliff in front of him, and strode forward with his head high. The little white dog at his feet was barking wildly, seeming to remind him to rein in the cliff. But the Fool still maintained a look of joy, looking to the distant sky instead of the cliff in front of him, acting by instinct. The Fool holds a white rose in his left hand, symbolizing purity and enthusiasm. His right hand held a stick and tied the baggage. That rod is not an ordinary rod, but a token, a symbol of power. But besides the Fool, who would hold a token that symbolizes power and tie the baggage?
Interpretation of card meaningedit.

Interpretation of Brand Meaning
Some people say that the fool has a naive and innocent heart as natural and pure as the white rose; others say that he is very stupid, lacks the ability to make rational judgments, and does everything by intuition, without rejection or resistance. Ability is the representative of stupidity, impulse and nothingness.
The light bag carries his past experience and knowledge, so that he will not be afraid when facing the future. Although others will remind him of the dangers he will face from time to time, this will not reduce his curiosity and thirst for knowledge about the future in the slightest. Even if this is his first step, he will go on with confidence. Although he didn't know the future, let alone the dangers hidden ahead, it didn't matter, because he would naturally know when he walked over.
The Fool is a person who is not bound by secular norms, so this card represents self. It implies that although you live in the world, you still have a pure innocence who believes in dreams, and you are willing to face the dangerous future for the dreams in your heart. This card tells you that as long as you still have a dream, you have to work hard to make it a reality. What's the risk?
Tablet interpretation
When the cards face upright, it means that you have a free and unrestrained attitude in your career, and maintain a relaxed and natural mood to meet future challenges. Emotionally speaking, you are about to start or have entered a relaxed and simple love life, which will not be glued or dull. It can also describe your partner. He (she) is an elusive and innocent person who likes the current free life and does not want to be swayed by rigid plans and arrangements.
When the cards are upside down, it means that you are too arrogant and stubborn in your career. Even with the advice of others, you can't be alert and lose the most critical opportunity. The result can only be half the effort. Emotionally almost persistently weaving too many illusory dreams, unable to communicate smoothly with the partner, the relationship is unstable, and the feelings are hot and cold.
Orientation: Being different, lucky, eclectic, pursuing novel dreams, narrow vision, adventurous, yearning for freedom, artistic temperament, attacking vital points, emotional ups and downs, free love.
Reverse position: conceited, stubborn, unstable, clingy, lack of responsibility, living in a dream, unrealistic, unresponsive, stagnant, erratic behavior, wrong direction, emotional instability.


Tarot composition structure

Tarot composition structure

Grand Arcana

Like its name, the Big Arcana card is used to explain the general fortune of fate. Each card reflects a different experience in life, so the big cards that appear during divination will become the focus of analysis. The answer or message it gives us is about the larger problem or main situation at hand. At the same time, it provides us with high-level thinking teaching. These teachings reveal to us the answers to important current issues, allowing us to better choose the next step, rather than giving us an exact solution.
In addition, the "Fool" card does not have an exact number in the 22 Big Arcana. Sometimes people number it as "0", and sometimes it is not numbered. Each of the twenty-two cards of the Grand Arcana represents a certain character or experience. We must combine these qualities or experiences to fully understand ourselves and complete the growth of the individual’s inner world. This growth process is called "Fools" journey of".
【0】The Fool
【5】The Pope
【9】The Hermit
【10】Wheel of Fortune
【12】The Hanged Man
[14] Temperance
【21】The world

Little Arcana
The meanings of the four suits are as follows:
[Scepter] (The Leangle) represents elemental fire, symbolizing passion, energy and creation.
【Star Coin】(The Garren) represents elemental soil, symbolizing money, material and enjoyment.
【Holy Grail】(The Chalice) represents elemental water, symbolizing emotion, relationship, love and inspiration.
[The Blade] represents elemental wind, symbolizing thought, wisdom, communication and conflict.
The small arcana is used to make up for the shortcomings of the large arcana. If we want to know more about the truth of fate or the other party's affairs.
Among them, the character cards composed of attendants, knights, queens, and kings are also called court cards.

What is Tarot?

What is Tarot?

TAROT is called "Nature's Secret Library". It is an ancient divination tool in the West, popular in Europe since the Middle Ages, its origin has always been a mystery.
There are a total of 78 tarot cards, including 22 large arcana cards and 56 small arcana cards. They can be used separately for divination, or 78 cards can be mixed together for divination. It is worth mentioning that Tarot cards do not refer to a fixed card. In fact, there are many types of tarot cards, at least there are thousands of them, but most of them are actually extended from the world’s three major tarot systems.

Card function
The tarot card consists of 22 large arcana cards and 56 small arcana cards.
Tarot card is a tool for analyzing, predicting and providing suggestions for people, events and things. This definition is accurate and straightforward, and is widely recognized by the Tarot community.
Tarot cards can be different for love, relationships, work (academic), etc. Some scholars use Tarot divination as psychological counseling, but generally only use the analysis function of Tarot.

Historical origin
The tarot card is an ancient divination tool. Its origin has always been a mysterious legend. Many experts in the study of occultism have tried to find a clue.

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