-Temptation (corresponding astrology: Capricorn)

Interpretation of the cards:
The devil looked at the slave who was bound by the chain and gave a triumphant grin. Although the slaves are bound by chains, they can get rid of the devil as long as they help each other, but they have been blindfolded by the temptation of the devil and are willing to be driven by it. If you look closely, they have grown horns and tails like the devil. .
The hideous and terrifying demon has such a beautiful voice. He uses money and so-called security to lure people into his slaves. Under his control, people lost the ability to communicate with each other, and what occupied the soul was completely naked and primitive desire. In order to pursue money and deny any other goals in life, people become selfish and greedy, but when life ends, these substances no longer have any meaning.
The devil represents a false notion that having material wealth means having everything. External interference makes people's impulses dominate the reason, the self's spiritual requirements are constantly disappearing, and they are beginning to be unwilling to take responsibility for their actions, because they can push all faults to the devil. This can also be seen as a career success, because your ultimate goal is money.

Orthogonal interpretation:
Fettered, depraved, sick, malicious, surrendered, captive of desire, irresistible temptation, decadent life, living in debt, untold secrets, intimate love affair. You will gain considerable fame and wealth in your career. The career in your heart is everything, and wealth is your goal. Emotionally, you are beginning to be restrained by each other, but you don't want to improve this relationship, and are willing to endure each other's involvement and dissatisfaction.

Inverse interpretation:
Escape from restraints, relieve troubles, cure illnesses, say goodbye to the past, pause, leave, refuse temptation, abandon selfish desires, leave moments, love-hate romances. In the career, rationality begins to dominate desires and find goals that are truly worth striving for. Emotionally start trying to communicate with each other, which makes your relationship stronger.


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