grim Reaper【13】

grim Reaper【13】

grim Reaper
——End (corresponding astrology: Scorpio)

Interpretation of the cards:
This is the most misunderstood card in Grand Arcana. For Western religious thought, the number thirteen has always been regarded as related to death—just as in the case of Tarot cards. The god of death rides on the white horse and wears armor, showing his unstoppable power. Some have fallen, some accept this cruel reality, some try to avoid it, and some are doing unnecessary resistance.
According to the ancient calendar, the thirteenth month is the month of death and rebirth, so you don't have to understand it from the card, but to explain it in a positive sense. Accept the facts in front of you and give up some of the benefits you get, you can also get a more generous return, as the so-called "death and resurrection", after hardships, success will be even greater.

Orthogonal interpretation:
Failure, near destruction, illness, unemployment, maintenance of stagnation, continuous damage, cessation of transactions, boring life, parting, restarting, there is a deep gap between the two sides, and the end of the relationship. In your career, you will give up some of the benefits you get and get brand new development opportunities. In terms of relationships, you will undergo profound changes, and you will begin a new stage. Accepting the facts you will have a better journey.

Inverse interpretation:
Hold a glimmer of hope, come back to life, change your mind, get rid of the downturn, save your reputation, get physical recovery, suddenly change your plan, escape from reality, cut off your love, and meet your old lover. In your career, you are trying to "best of both worlds", hoping that miracles can happen. Emotionally, the other party has accepted the change, but you are evading reality, and the distance between you two is growing.

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