Holy grail【22】

Holy grail【22】

Holy Grail One: 

The Holy Grail heralds the beginning of a new relationship and friendship. At the beginning of the relationship, love and care are always overflowing. You must know how to reciprocate generously and cherish this blessing. If the questioner has been in this relationship for a long time, and the first card of the Holy Grail appears, take a good look at the cards around and beware of signs of an affair. If the first card of the Holy Grail appears in the speculation that has nothing to do with feelings, it means that this situation needs love to resolve it patiently.

Holy Grail Two:
Holy Grail Two is often strongly associated with love. In this respect, this card is more similar to the state of first love. As shown in the picture, men and women respect each other as guests, treat each other as equals, and do not make demands. Holy Grail Two is not only limited to the emotions of men and women, it can also involve friendship and any interpersonal relationship, and this relationship is often harmonious, equal and pleasant. Therefore, if you ask about friendship, about marriage, or about cooperation, Holy Grail II will give you an answer.

Holy Grail Three:
The Holy Grail Three usually refers to a group that is connected with feelings. In addition, it also represents a kind of celebration occasion, including banquets, weddings, etc. The meaning of a good harvest usually means that things have a good result. Of course, sometimes the opposite is true.

Holy Grail Four:

 The Holy Grail Four represents a period of negativity, boredom, exhaustion, and withdrawal. The person involved lacks motivation, is indifferent to everything, and does not want to participate in social interactions. The Holy Grail IV sometimes also represents an affair and the advent of new opportunities.

Holy Grail Five: 

The Holy Grail Five represents a sad and painful situation. At the same time, it also heralds the beginning of an alternative life.

Holy Grail Six:

 In addition to representing memories of the past, homesickness, and care, Holy Grail Six also reminds the person involved to be as generous as a boy, willing to give, and let go of all hatred and unhappy emotions.

Holy Grail Seven: 

Holy Grail Seven represents the existence of impractical and dirty things. In addition, when you see the Seven of the Holy Grail, it also means that a strict and orderly system will be broken, and huge power will be released and there will be many choices.
Holy Grail Eight: 

Pleasant company and good friendship, parties and planned celebrations.

Holy Grail Nine: 

Dream and wish fulfillment, good luck and wealth.

Holy Grail Ten:

 Family happiness may be able to get unexpected success and good news.

Servant of the Holy Grail: 

A permanent close friend, perhaps a childhood friend or first love who has been separated for a long time.

Knight of the Holy Grail: 

A fake friend, a stranger and seducer from afar, should grasp the current destiny.

Queen of the Holy Grail: 

A loyal, loving woman, gentle and generous, and loving.

King of the Holy Grail: 

An honest, well-meaning man, but easy to make decisions hastily, so he is not a person to rely on, and do not expect to get helpful advice from him.


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