——Aid (corresponding astrology: Taurus)

Interpretation of the cards:
He is the supreme authority in religion and spiritual beliefs. He will always find a spiritual outlet for us. His compassion and virtue will surely instruct us not to go astray, to understand our conscience, and feel that this is true but yesterday is not. path of. Especially when you feel guilty in your heart, he is always willing to listen to your confession.
This is a card that represents the awakening of conscience and kindness. It is also a card about religious beliefs and traditions. Compared with the material master represented by the emperor, he tends to be more spiritual. He is a spiritual authority and an interpreter of the unknown world. Because the Pope can directly contact God, he uses compassion and insight to try to save the souls of the world, and uses his words to guide people on the right path.
The pope on the board raised his hands to spread the doctrine to the world, and the believers knelt on the ground to listen to his teachings. However, it should be noted that he is also a representative of traditional knowledge and conservative morality. He controls people's thinking and narrows their horizons. Only by completely abandoning everything out of date and exploring new solutions, there may be hope.
Orthogonal interpretation:
Aid, sympathy, magnanimity, advice given by a trusted person, good negotiation object, spiritual satisfaction, compliance with the rules, volunteers. Full of confidence, able to correctly understand the nature of things, too much external pressure at work, making you feel bound. Looking for a new method of work, although there will be great resistance, the results will prove to be worthwhile. In love, succumbing to the pressure of others, will only blindly change oneself according to the other's requirements, thinking that this is a necessary effort, but in fact it is just a forced choice. Your partner will not remain loyal to you, and it is difficult to meet the real needs of both parties.

Inverse interpretation:
Wrong message, malicious persuasion, deceived, assistance is interrupted, wish cannot be achieved, used by others, and given up. I have more flexible attitudes in my career, no longer rigidly follow the old ways, have the courage to innovate and form my own unique ideas, live and work for my true ideas. Emotionally, I begin to face up to my true feelings and practices of feelings. Although I will still listen to the opinions of the other party, I will not accept them fully. When you feel unacceptable to the other party's opinions, you will communicate with them in time to find ways to improve the relationship.

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