Scepter 1: 

Wealth and career success, lifelong friends and tranquil state of mind.

Scepter 2: 

Disappointment, opposition from friends and business partners.

Scepter 3:

More than one marriage. Maybe after being engaged to one person for a long time, suddenly marrying another person.

Scepter 4: 

Beware of the failure of a project. This failure may cause economic losses, or the project may abort due to lack of funds. False and unreliable friends played a destructive effect.

Scepter 5: 

Marry a rich woman.

Scepter 6: 

A profitable partnership.

Scepter 7: 

Good luck and happiness, but you should beware of someone of the opposite sex.

Scepter 8: 

Greedy, you may spend money that is not yours.

Scepter 9: 

Debate with friends, stubborn quarrel.

Scepter 10: 

Unexpected luck, a long journey, but you may also lose a close friend.


A sincere but impatient friend, kind flattery.

Scepter Knight: 

Fortunately to get help from relatives, or help from strangers.

Queen of Scepter: 

A kind and kind woman, but she loves to lose her temper.

King Scepter: 

A sincere man, generous and faithful.

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