The Hanged【12】

The Hanged【12】

The Hanged

——Sacrifice (corresponding astrology: Neptune)

Interpretation of the cards:
This card symbolizes self-sacrifice. The face of the card depicts a warrior with his hands tied upside down. A faint angel halo has appeared on his head. Although others thought it was extremely painful, he had a peaceful face, because he knew that he was sacrificed for others, even if his body was destroyed, his spirit would last forever.
This card tells us that no matter how bad the situation is, it is only a kind of training for us, and bad luck will always pass. Just like the legendary phoenix nirvana, and like Odin in Norse mythology, he dedicated himself to the gallows to learn magic, words, spells and poetry. The most important thing is to tolerate the current bad luck, accept the arrangements of fate, reflect on the past gains and losses, and reserve strength for the future rise again.

Orthogonal interpretation:
Accept the test, move limited, sacrifice, fear hardships, avoid the temptation, gain if you lose, learn lessons, rebirth from the fire, extensive learning, and dedicated love. When the cards are standing upright, your career will have a short pause, but you are very clear about the reasons, reconfirm your goals, and be ready to go. Emotions also require time for reflection. Your sacrifice to love will greatly touch the other party and become a catalyst for the development of your relationship.

Inverse interpretation:
Needless sacrifice, broken bones, bad luck, not working hard enough, disadvantaged, willful, self-interested, impatient, punished, escape from love, and fruitless love affair. When the cards were upside down, they lacked foresight in career and lost the goal of hard work. Emotionally you have no idea of ​​paying for the other person, but the other person's attitude towards you remains the same, which makes you want to escape even more. You have ignored the correct judgment deep in your heart, which makes you start to encounter a lot of failures.


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