The hermit【9】

The hermit【9】

The hermit

-Will (corresponding astrology: Leo)

Interpretation of the cards:
The hermit was dressed in a robe, carrying a lamp, and leaning on a cane, groping forward alone in the dark. This card represents being alone. The hermit tries to give up the external temptation to achieve inner peace, and then obtain the truth through meditation in a quiet environment. In silence, you can only hear the sound from your heart, so you can better understand your own thoughts and find a final goal that truly belongs to yourself.
You should pay attention to the characteristics of the hermit when solving the cards, carefully check the card type in front of you, and check again before explaining whether any details have been accidentally omitted.

Orthogonal interpretation: 
hidden facts, individual actions, listening to the opinions of others, enjoying loneliness, self-lost, helpful vigilance, the elderly, avoiding danger, grandfather, country life. You retire during the golden age of your career, and no one else understands that this is just a break for the next golden age. In terms of relationship, you will deeply think about your role and position in this relationship, and explore the relationship between each other.
Inverse interpretation: 
Ignore the police, hate loneliness, inferiority, worry, naive thinking, too cautious leads to failure, deviation, not suitable for travel. Excessive investment in your career has made you reluctant to face other things, so your career has made breakthrough progress. In terms of relationships, use busy work to escape the development of this relationship, be cold towards your partner, and withdraw at critical moments because of fear of the development of the relationship, making the other person chilling.

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