The wheel of fate【10】

The wheel of fate【10】

The wheel of fate

——Reincarnation (corresponding horoscope: Jupiter)

Interpretation of the cards:
On the wheel of fortune on the card, there is a sphinx symbolizing an angel on the top, and a devil below it, surrounded by goddesses, swans, and venomous snakes that symbolize various situations in fate. Your destiny is like the wheel of fortune that keeps spinning in the tarot card, sometimes good and sometimes bad, this is a fair cycle. The wheel of fortune may stop at the angle you like, which makes you incredibly lucky; and it will also stop at the angle you don’t like, and you will be unlucky. Whether you like it or not, fate is so ruthless, and life itself is in constant change, which makes your life full of challenges and excitement.
When solving the cards, to grasp the "destiny", we must first understand what "change" is, and believe that there is no absolute thing. However, as you deepen your study, you will discover many mysteries hidden in the "Wheel of Fortune".
Orthogonal interpretation:
Critical events, new opportunities, due to current trends, changes in the environment, lucky beginnings, conditions improve, problem solving, and the god of luck comes. The wheel of fortune is turning to the lowest moment of your life. You may be a little unacceptable, but if you can look at it with a normal heart, this is undoubtedly the best time for you to grow up and you need to face it seriously. The frustration in your relationship almost breaks you down, yet you are still working hard. Although there are countless thorns in front of you, sticking to the past will be a smooth road. You will find that the unnecessary efforts you have made in the past have now become the driving force for you to move forward, and the previous efforts have finally paid off. The wheel of fortune is turned by the goddess of fate, so the ups and downs of the two of you will pass, and the relationship will enter a stable development stage.

Inverse interpretation:
Frontier failures, frustrations, plan failures, obstacles, inability to correct the direction, development to the disadvantages, vicious circle, interruption.

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